Expanding Your Amazon Business - Trend Jockey™

Amazon is the perfect place to start your ecommerce business because you're introduced to millions of active buyers and can get grow into a reputable brand in no-time. If your currently making profits every month with one or multiple products, congratulations! Your perseverance and hard work paid off, now it's time to take the next step. 

The Amazon & Beyond Blueprint is a high level guide that takes you through critical steps along your journey. We even throw in some helpful hints to help save you money and attract customers without spending a ton of money on paid ads. While we do utilize ad platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Ebay, Google, Etsy, and Walmart, we also build a home for our brand (website). The website is where we direct traffic from all these paid and organic traffic to get product in front of qualified customers. Transacted orders from Shopify (your website) are fed to Amazon where product is stored and fulfilled for small fee. Benefit from fast shipping times and control your shipping prices with the customer.

If you're just selling at Amazon, you're just one issue away from being shut down and eliminating all of your hard earned revenue. Layer protection over your business and be less dependent on Amazon. Instead of relying on Amazon, use it as your vehicle to expansion into 7 or even 8 figures. That's how the guru's do it! We'll even show you how to boost your Amazon listing ranking while using Shopify as well....this is a Must Do!!

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