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Our Mission

Our mission at Trend Jockey™ is providing service with understanding, trust, and care. 

Our Promise

Trend Jockey™ will uphold a quality standard that builds consumer trust. All products through our trademark brand will be proven already in the marketplace and tested for high quality material with enhancements competitors simply aren't providing. Our purpose is to improve products so that you can enjoy them as intended. No mis-leading claims, just a commitment of our values to ensure quality service and consumer satisfaction. 

Affiliated Companies

We partner with other companies sharing the same vision and help them expand beyond the Amazon FBA marketplace. We do an extensive search for products in high to medium demand that have product flaws based on hundreds or thousands of feedback scores. Then, go to work to improve that product and finally launch a new brand. This process is why we've achieved such high marks with Forbes and our customers with average product ratings of 4.9 stars. Quality has become our mark in the online shopping industry.

All subsidiary's are endorsed by or owned by Trend Jockey™ including their associates within. We also partner with already successful Amazon sellers to help them expand their products through Omnipresence marketing. 

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